You write it
We fix it
You make more money

End Beginning of story

That’s right. You write it and then we fix it for you.

The grammar, the speling spelling, the meaning, the bling.

Just for you, we edit, proof, correct, square, align, polish, refine, upgrade, ameliorate, rejig, enhance, re-engineer, simplify, improve, embellish, reframe, amend, revitalize, enrich, modify, fix, heal and generally perfect your stuff. All your stuff.

There isn’t nothing anything we can’t hardly do. See that? We’re good, we’re really good.

It’s a challenge these days to promote your product or service and write it all up in the best possible language so your message is as clear as it needs to be.

Not all of us are expected to be writers, because we have to focus so much on what we’re best at – producing, marketing, managing, advertizing, informing, training and selling.

Just wish we all could get our message across so there’s no misunderstanding in what we want to say.

Wish we all knew how to put clarity over clutter, precision over poetry and contemporary over clunky, so everybody out there would get our message the first time round. And then click the order button.


So if we can’t distinguish between alternate and alternative, who can?

Who can really understand the importance of using singular and plural correctly, the right verb form, the right word agreement, if you can’t?

Who is it who really gets the underlying meaning of language, the association of words and the best way to have it all make sense for your audience?

That’ll be the Chief editor.

And here we are. Word.